Ian Harrison,
Past President, International Association for Disabled Sailing

"... We are all very impressed with the development of the Access Dinghy world-wide. It is a tremendous credit to you ..."


Jim Stewart
Executive Director, Bayfront Center for Marine Studies, Erie, PA USA
" We have accomplished a lot as an organization, but the single most wonderful thing that we are involved with is the Access sailing. It is just wonderful and I just wanted to tell you and Chris and everyone working in the shop that you have made a wonderful change in so many people's lives. We are proud to be a little part of Access Dinghies!"


John Jameson,
Director, International Sailing Schools Association

"I would like to do a lot more in promoting the Access Dinghy thro ISSA as I really think that it is a great 'teaching tool'."


Gene Hinkle,
Paralympic Technical Delegate for Sailing

"..Access Dinghies should be the base boat for any program..."


Dennis Hannan,
Footloose, Seattle, Washington USA
"Chris, your boat has exceeded all of my expectations ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! "


Victor Mazure,
Nautisme en Finistere, Brest, France

"The trials were more than conclusive. In effect, the design features, layout and sailing qualities of the Access Dinghy, give absolute confidence to the total beginner, to sail solo from the beginning of the first session. Feeling unbalanced and threatened by the sail are no longer problems."


Money Magazine (USA) - October 2001
"Best new sailboat. The Access Dinghy, a small craft navigated by joystick instead of a tiller, makes sailing as easy as playing a video game. Plus, it's virtually impossible to capsize. You sit low - making for a stable centre of gravity. The boat is light enough for a six-year-old to handle; it also can be used to reintroduce seniors and disabled people to sailing. Wharf-rats like the dinghy too, for practicing strategy and tactics in varied weather conditions..."

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