International Access Class Association

The International Access Class Association aims to:

·         promote and develop Access Class racing under uniform rules at a national and international level for people of all ages and abilities

·         provide a medium for exchange of information among Access sailors

·         encourage and foster the enjoyment of the competitive, recreational and social aspects of sailing

·         All existing models of Access dinghies & sailing craft are represented, including the International Access 2.3, Access 303, Access Liberty, and SKUD18


The establishment of the International Access Class Association and its National counterparts is a significant step in bringing Access sailing into the mainstream of the sport. 


The Access classes are now the boats of choice around the world for accessible sailing programs and an increasing number of sailors with a disability use them for recreation and competitive sailing at a club, national and international level.  However, unlike almost every other class, the Access Classes have not enjoyed official status in the International sailing community. With the formation of the International Access Class Association (IACA), some major steps forward have become possible. 


In November 2005, the International Sailing Federation designated the Access 2.3 as an ISAF International Class and the Access 303 as a ISAF Recognised Class.  In May 2006, the Access Liberty was designated an ISAF Recognised Class.  The real highlight however, was the selection of the latest design from Access Sailing, the SKUD18, as the new 2-person boat for the Beijing Paralympics.


As you can see, the Access classes have now ‘arrived’ as part of mainstream sailing.  


The IACA Website is a source of information about the various Access classes with news and information about events, class rules etc.






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