Modular Dock & Pontoon System

Originally conceived as part of the fully mobile package comprising dinghies, inflatable safety boat, modular dock, crane and trailer, the Access Modular Dock & Pontoon System:

- Provides for the transferring needs of sailors and makes life easier for helpers

- Allows boats to operate from deep water and removes any keel handling problems

- Is easily broken down for storage and transport

- There are two systems available - the "T" Dock and "H" Dock


"T" Dock

The "T" Dock has one main float with the walkway attaching at its centre. T ramps and walkways are also in two variations - the GRP modular walkway in 4 metre sections used in near horizontal situations off a beach, and a 4 metre GRP or 6 metre alloy ramp for use off low walls, banks or jetties. The "T" Dock has one main float so is lighter and easier to assemble and is particularly suited to mobile and portable use.


"H" Dock

The "H" Dock uses two main floats and will support more weight.  It takes five minutes longer to assemble and is more appropriate where ramp angles are experienced and for semi permanent installations.  The "H" has two main floats with the walkway or ramp pivoting on the rear of the two alloy tubes which connect the two floats. Between these two tubes is a fiberglass bridge deck providing a level working platform.


Both systems are very portable, take only minutes to set up and can be fitted with davits as a transferring aid for both sailors and keels.  The GRP walkway can be used with either model and consists of 4 metre sections supported by a pair of floats at their join. 1, 2 or even 3 walkway sections are feasible depending on the length of shallow water to be spanned.


Alloy ramps are mainly used with the "H" Dock and can adopt a slight gradient but can also be assembled on the "T" Dock in a horizontal aspect off a low bank, wall, beach or jetty. This is because the ramp/walkway on the "T" Dock is fixed while the ramp pivots on the "H" Dock.


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